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Major international recognition for the Orthopaedic Center TheMIS and the member Emmanuel Papakostas

  • By twopix
  • 7 January 2020

Major international recognition, in the start of 2020, for the Orthopaedic Center TheMIS and the member Emmanuel Papakostas, who is starts working as an Orthopaedic surgeon, from the new year, to Aspetar in Doha Qatar, one of the best sports medicine centers in the world.
The professional cooperation with physical appearance of Dr Papakostas and the team of TheMIS edu, will develop scientific and research work up to the Mundial 2022.
This Cooperation is the recognition of the total work of Orthopaedic Center TheMIS, which continues with enthousiasm and professional willing, the daily work and medical support to athletic and non athletic teams. According the above, the cooperation with PAOK fc is continuing. Leader of the medical stuff will be Dr Papasoulis Efthimios, as the natural continue of the medical mechanism of the team for the last 3 seasons. The cooperation with TheMIS will keep the medical and rehab protocols steady as meanwhile the presence of Dr Papakostas in Aspetar will brink Sports medicine and surgical skills and guarantee the success of the project!