Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis

Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy is an ultrasound-guided physiotherapeutic and medical technique that produces a non-Thermal electrochemical ablation using a cathode flow directly oriented toward the tendon degeneration. The EPTE treatment causes an organic reaction that produces localized inflammation, exclusively in the treatment  zone, that leads to rapid regeneration of injured tendon.

The EPTE technique was applied using a specifically
developed medically certified (Directive 93/42/EEC)
device, which produces modulated galvanic electricity through the negative electrode cathodic flow. This is applied using a modified electrosurgical scalpel that uses acupuncture needles (0.3 mm in diameter) with different lengths. The intensity can be adjusted by changing the duration or the milliamps of the device. Conversely, the polarity of the machine is fixed (i.e. only the cathodic flow is usable).
During the procedure, performed by the same experienced operator, the patients are supine so as to minimize any
potential vagal reaction.
Isopropyl alcohol was used to prepare the skin despite the bacteriostatic action of the EPI” system. Polyvidone iodine was avoided to prevent a tattoo effect of the catholic flow.


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