Robotic knee joint reconstruction

Robotic Arthroplasty

Robotic knee joint reconstruction, or robotic knee arthroplasty, or to be accurate robotic assisted knee arthroplasty is a procedure similar to the classic operative method used for decades for joint replacement. The Orthopaedic Surgeon removes the knee joint surfaces that have been affected by osteoarthritis and replaces them with metallic protheses made form titanium alloys. The … lies that in the case of robotic arthroplasty a robotic arm will assist the surgeon in order to more accurately incise, align and balance the bones and ligaments with minimal invasion and therefore minimal blood loss.

Preparing for the procedure is similar to the one for the classic method. Robotic arthroplasty can be performed in all patients with knee osteoarthritis that has failed conservative treatment, and especially in these with severe limb deformities or the presence of hardware in the knee from previous operations.

The Orthopaedic Surgeon is performing the procedure using the robotic arm as a very precise and sophisticated surgery tool. The robot does not operate on its own. The advantages of robotic assisted arthroplasty are precise incisions, accurate protheses placement, proper alignment of the joint and all these are performed with the minimal trauma on the bones and minimal bone loss possible.

Post-operatively the patient is mobilized as soon as possible, following a fast-track recovery protocol that is used by our group in all arthroplasties, including an intense physiotherapy program, aiming for the patient to quickly return to everyday activities.

All orthopaedic surgeons of our group at TheMIS Orthopaedic Center, have been educated accordingly and perform robotic arthroplasties using the ROSA robotic system in St. Luke’s hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece.